9U Dawgs

This is the introduction to the Dawgs programs and it is when players will first begin to understand the importance of taking responsibility for their equipment and their effort. The focus at this level is introducing players to proper techniques, fundamentals and baseball situations. The Dugout coaches will emphasize repeating proper techniques and developing strong hitting, fielding and pitching habits that players will carry with them through their playing careers. While players have likely been playing at younger levels, the 9u level will be introductory in nature and seek to begin developing a lifelong love of baseball through a positive experience.

2018 9U Roster
 Logan MacArthur
 PJ Giannakoulis
 Gavin Desley
 Anderson Lauf
 Tyler Poti
 Colin Nyari
 Ryan Duffy
 John Richard
 Roster Spot Available 
Roster Spot Available 
 Roster Spot Available 
 Roster Spot Available 
Coach: Ken Leandre




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